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Onterra Energy Advisors specializes in tailoring the lowest cost energy solutions through a number of supply options securing multiple options and price quotes on your behalf. We service all deregulated Provinces in Canada as well as all deregulated markets in the United States through our US partner.

We represent only selected and vetted suppliers for natural gas and electricity servicing primarily Residential Property Owners/ Co Ops/ Condos, Long Term Care/ Retirement Homes, Multi Location Retailers as well as Commercial and Industrial clients that spend from $100,000 per year to over $5,000,000 dollars per year on their energy. Options available include, cost management, cost savings, and conservation programs.

We’ve changed our name!


We are the same people providing the same quality services but with a new more distinctive name.

More than ever, we remain committed to providing fairness, low margin pricing and transparency for our clients. As ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS we are also happy to announce that we are expanding our reach in the USA market with the support of our award-winning team in Chicago.

Unfortunately, success and high quality brands breed imitators and we are aware of third parties that have copied our prior name and logo likeness, National Energy Advisors. Going forward, please know that is no longer our name. For the best service and results only look for ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS.