About Us


Why Use an Energy Broker?

Brokers do not sell ‘cookie cutter rates’ and programs that are overpriced and unfavourable to commercial clients such as done by well known ‘door knocker’ type of companies. Brokers help their client determine the best supply and product option keeping in mind the clients individual needs and business objectives as well as their risk adversity. A good advisor and broker knows where the best price option is for each unique client and seeks out several options for the client to look at suitable for their business type, size and objective. We help you select the most suitable product, price and supplier for your business.

The Process

  • Initial meeting or phone call to best understand client needs.
  • Data collection and analysis to determine best options.
  • Present options and include either savings or cost comparison depending on program, shop for best pricing.
  • Review options including market data / conditions necessary for a fully informed decision.
  • Refresh pricing/ options and execute.

Our Commitment

We ensure our clients are fully informed of past and current market conditions and pricing prior making a decision. Our clients do not feel rushed or pressured to decide on an opportunity and feel fully informed prior to signing an agreement. Clients will have the opportunity to thoroughly review a contract as well as have an explanation to terms and conditions, as well as negotiate contract terms. We ensure clients do not agree to unfavourable contract conditions such as ‘auto renewals’ or unfair balancing clauses or hidden margin on transportation as examples. Clients are given the opportunity to look at several options for term and volume on their contract that is customized and suited to their specific business needs (i.e. a block of energy that is more appropriate for them as opposed to a 100% product) Clients are provided documented veri­cation of statements made by our brokerage, such as access to energy reports and the IESO website.
We’ve changed our name! NATIONAL ENERGY ADVISORS is now ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS. We are the same people providing the same quality services but with a new more distinctive name. More than ever, we remain committed to providing fairness, low margin pricing and transparency for our clients. Unfortunately, success and high quality brands breed imitators and we are aware of third parties that have copied our prior name and logo likeness, National Energy Advisors. Going forward, please know that is no longer our name. For the best service and results only look for ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS.