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Battery Storage Case Study 2.3 MW & 2.25 MW – Plastics Manufacturer with 2 plants net savings $7,109,031 (36%)

By National Energy Advisors / 6 June, 2017

In Ontario, there is no better opportunity to lower your electricity costs than battery storage with behind-the-meter service. Net savings are typically 200k per MW/ Per year.

Case Study – Battery Storage 2 plants:

A plastics manufacturer with 2 plants profiled shows total net savings using battery storage as $7,109,031 hitting 5/5 peaks assuming the Global Adjustment was to remain at the same level as 2016. Knowing that is not likely and it’s likely to increase we show this as minimum potential savings which include Global Adjustment savings, electricity price arbitrage and demand response.

Plant 1 average usage per year 14,027,645 kWh average GA $0.0853 = $1,196,682 per year. Average hourly demand 1,601 MW. A 2.30 MW 2 to 3 hour battery solution that cycles 250 times per year. (36%)
Plant 2 average usage per year 15,075,323 kWh average GA $0.0769 = $1,158,677 per year. Average hourly demand 1,721 MW. A 2.25 MW 2 to 3 hour battery solution that cycles 250 times per year. (36.4%)

With our suppliers proprietary algorithm the ability to hit 5/5 peaks is 95-99% certain with a cycle of 100 times per year. As more Class A customers come on board, the peaks become less predictable which can be managed by scaling the system to accommodate.

Behind-the-meter management and expertise is key to achieve the savings which is why the supplier assumes all the risk and guarantees the savings, as well as fully manage and operate the system.

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