Case studies

Condo tower using 651,400 cubic meters saves $10,259.83 below utility cost

By Cath / 18 June, 2018

A condo tower client located in Etobicoke that uses 651,400 cubic meters in natural gas a year participated in a Bundle T Index gas program and saved $10,259.83 less than what they would have paid on the utility rate for Enbridge gas for the same period. 

The customer floated on Index and then in the winter months locked in 3 months at a fixed rate to protect from extreme colder weather in the event that market prices went too high.

The utility rate is based on the Aeco Index price, and then includes other costs or losses and is then projected in advance.   As such you are never paying the ACTUAL market price of gas when you use it.

Further a bundle t program is equal delivery/ equal billing where in some cases additional savings are available.

We provide no cost and no obligation savings profiles on index gas programs.  For more about the various gas programs we offer please find the link to our webpage that explains them in further detail:

Wholesale Natural Gas


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