Electricity Procurement

Electricity Procurement – Serving All Deregulated Markets in Canada and the USA

We welcome the opportunity to shop and get multiple quotes for discounted electricity commodity options through our preferred suppliers. Securing multiple quotes ensures you are always getting the best price for your contracted volume as well as the most favorable terms and conditions.

A no cost or obligation electricity price quote and/ or contract audit will include:

  • Real executable price quotes from at least 3 suppliers with clearly outlined terms and conditions that affect pricing.
  • Multiple options/ recommendations based on your unique business objectives. Your business goals/ objectives absolutely should be considered in your chosen strategy.

Structured Block of Electricity

A block is the purchase of a specified amount of electricity to be delivered every hour in the block equally. This is particularly important for manufacturers or other clients using ‘interval meters’ where they are billed by the hour for what they use in that hour rather than the average price of the Net System Load Shape. Terms are anywhere from 1 month to 5 years.

The block size and recommendation is based on your historical consumption and includes other factors such as predicted future usage to ensure you do not ‘over hedge’.

An analyst will review your profile before a recommendation is made. Every client is unique and their load pattern will determine the block recommendation.

Any percentage of your usage can be hedged but it’s not recommended normally to hedge the maximum block size possible to avoid selling back into the market if it’s not consumed. Because of that we recommend being conservative.

Block Types

Load Tracking/ Load Following

A load following product is where a percentage (from 40% to 100%) of your electricity is hedged. Terms are anywhere from 1 month to 5 years.

We’ve changed our name! NATIONAL ENERGY ADVISORS is now ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS. We are the same people providing the same quality services but with a new more distinctive name. More than ever, we remain committed to providing fairness, low margin pricing and transparency for our clients. Unfortunately, success and high quality brands breed imitators and we are aware of third parties that have copied our prior name and logo likeness, National Energy Advisors. Going forward, please know that is no longer our name. For the best service and results only look for ONTERRA ENERGY ADVISORS.