Natural Gas Procurement

Natural Gas Procurement – Serving All Deregulated Markets in Canada and the USA

We welcome the opportunity to shop and get multiple quotes for discounted natural gas based on your annual volume through our preferred suppliers. Securing multiple quotes ensures you are always getting the best price for your contracted volume as well as the most favorable terms and conditions.

A no cost or obligation natural gas price quote and/ or contract audit will include:

  • Real executable price quotes from at least 3 suppliers, clear transport costs, terms and conditions that affect pricing.
  • Multiple options/ recommendations based on your unique business objectives. Your business goals/ objectives absolutely should be considered in your chosen strategy.


Load Following / Natural Gas

Natural gas, like electricity can be purchased in a ‘block’ or a load following product.

A load following product delivers whatever amount of gas you use. There are several different contract terms and conditions that affect this. We have a supplier that offers ‘fully balanced’ load following products, meaning that they take on the risk if you don’t use all of the gas that was purchased on your behalf. This product has no ‘balancing’ fees in the contract and no hidden mark up on delivery.

It’s quite competitive in price however might not be suitable for very large volume users.

Some retailers have additional margins in their transportation costs which adds margin to the price. We ensure our suppliers are flowing through this cost reasonably and additional savings here are available through our preferred suppliers.

Equal Delivery / Natural Gas

When you buy direct wholesale, you purchase a set amount of gas delivered down the Trans Canada Pipeline and dropped off at certain delivery points. Where it’s dropped off and how it comes down the pipeline can affect pricing and transportation costs.

When it’s balanced you are either selling back to the market or buying at market to fulfill the obligations of the agreement. That’s why when buying this way, it’s important to make sure you are conservative in your decision. Some utilities require you to buy 100% of the previous year volume so if there are expected fluctuations you need to make sure your broker knows in advance so that they can communicate that to the utility to purchase a lower amount. In most cases however you can buy a percentage of your volume, 50-75% for example and leave the rest floating on the market.

This avoids risk and gives you a portion of your gas at a preferred rate.

For larger volume clients, you can actually hedge and/ or manage your transportation costs, regardless if you hedge the commodity and this can result in significant savings off certain line items on your utility bill.

100% Index is available for large volume clients.

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