Not for Profit LTC facility using 255,682 cm of gas a year net savings $4734.13 a year

By Cath / 28 May, 2018

One of our long term valued customers had always locked their gas in.  We suggested the ABC Index gas program with simplified billing as the natural gas market was very soft for the forseeable future.

The one year savings for this smaller client was $4734.13 net which is excellent for their size.  When we added in their savings with our utility managed electricity POP savings program their total net savings for the year was $8654.13 below what they would have paid on the utility pricing structure.

The customer decided to move back to a fixed price when the market seemed favorable for the next few years which is easy to do with the flexibility of the Index gas program.

Call us today for a free analysis and we will compare exactly what you paid on utility and compare it to what you would have paid on the Index gas program.  9 out of 10 customers see a significant savings profile moving from Utility to Index.

See our post on why the utility is the supplier of last resort:

Wholesale Natural Gas

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