Power Factor Correction

Improved Power Factor Results in Energy Savings

Power Factor is a ratio of real power to apparent power. It is also explained as the ratio of Productive Power (kW) to Total Power (kVA). A low Power Factor (PF) can prove to be both expensive and inefficient. Improving the Power Factor helps release system capacity and saves you money. Power Factor = kW (Productive Power) ÷ kVA (Total Power)


In most cases, the solution is simple and involves a preliminary analysis (which may involve monitoring) and subsequent installation of Power Factor Capacitor equipment. Once the equipment is installed it will release system capacity and begin to save you money.


Onterra Energy Advisors provides the convenience of a turn-key solution. We have the measurement tools required to monitor the overall efficiency of any electrical system. Then, we calculate the utility penalties associated with a “poor power factor”, prepare a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and recommend a cost-effective solution. To assist you in the implementation stage, we supply and install dry type, oil-filled and oil-impregnated Static or Automatic Switching Power Factor Capacitors and Transient Volt Surge Suppressors.


A low Power Factor can be very expensive if it remains undetected or goes unaddressed. Most utility rate structures are set up to penalize consumers if their Power Factor falls below a specified threshold. Utility bills are influenced by kW and kVA demand charges – so, improving Power Factor translates into recognized demand and energy savings.
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