The Problem: Utilities Can’t Deliver Precise Voltage

Voltage is ‘lost’ when it travels long distances. Extra is added to ensure power is delivered reliably, but it cannot be fine tuned.

What is Conservation Voltage Reduction, (CVR)?

  • A proven method of lowering electricity demand and consumption through the reduction of voltage.
  • Abundant supporting research.
  • Practiced by utilities at a grid level.

Why You Need Conservation Voltage Reduction

Save up to 8% off of your entire
electricity bill with reduced consumptions.
Savings are guaranteed

10 Year product warranty.
15+ year life.
Option to upgrade at year 10

Quick ROI:
Average of 3 year payback

Qualifies For 4 Direct &
19 Indirect LEED Points

Subsidized By Up To 50%
In All Provinces. 75% in BC

Increase efficiency of lighting
and equipment, reduce Power
Factor and peak demand

Who Is Using It

  • Major Box Stores
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • LTC & Retirement Communities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Not-for-Profit Housing
  • Large Residential Property Managers


Our no cost or obligation analysis for buildings that use over 1 million kWh annually includes an onsite voltage reading for one week, a profile of your building and electrical room. After that a proposal is created with a written savings guarantee and confirmation of how much your Provincial subsidy is.

Cash flow positive financing is available.

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